Payment for Online Classes

St. Louis Irish Arts has been continuing classes for all students via ZOOM and Google Classroom.

Payment via check is the preferred method, as it cuts out vendor fees. To pay by check, please submit your normal amount to

St. Louis Irish Arts, 7480 Whitehaven, St Louis, MO 63123.

Include a little note to tell us which student(s) you are paying for. Also, if you want to tell Mrs G how you're doing, she'd like that. 


We can also take payment online.  This is a two-step process. We can take VENMO (preferred) or PAYPAL (not preferred, but ok too)

1. Fill out the Google Form. to let us know who you are paying for. 

2. For Venmo, go here  Enter your usual amount. (PLEASE NOTE: Venmo only works from a smart phone. It won't work from the computer)


2.   For Paypal : You can send it to this address: 


Thank you for submitting your payment!  If you run into any problems at all, please email Eileen ( or Mrs. Gannon (