Meet Our Teachers

Below you will find a little bit of information on each of our fabulous teachers.

Teacher Listing

Meet Mrs. G. - a beautiful soul that started this entire organization. Our leader, she runs and directs this entire place. She lives and breathes Irish music and dance and she does it all for the good of her students.

Meet Eileen Gannon, our pride and joy! Our harp teacher who oversees all musical aspects of our school. Under her guidance we have gone far as a music school and we will continue to do great things.

Meet Dr. G. He's an outstanding story-teller, harmonica player, teacher of singing and recitation. The nicest man you'll ever meet!

Meet Shannon, our dancing teacher. Shannon started out when she was four years old here at St. Louis Irish Arts. Now she is our dancing teacher, the lady that puts all our shows together.

Meet Niall Gannon, fiddler extraordinnaire and Grúpa Cheoil Director at St. Louis Irish Arts

Meet our Uileann Piper, our uileann pipe teacher, a member of our board, and grandfather to one of our students, Mr. Mike Mullins!

Our fiddle, banjo and mandolin teacher, Mr. Kevin Buckley

Meet Kelly, our lovely accordion and concertina teacher. She is quite an accomplished musician and a fantastic teacher.

Meet our bodhrán teacher, Chris Weddle