Comhaltas Branch

WHAT IS COMHALTAS?Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann is headquartered in Dublin. It is the group that promotes the traditional music, dance, song and language of Ireland. Comhaltas is a non-for-profit group with branches all over the world. Here in St. Louis we have one of the largest Comhaltas memberships in the U.S.A. This is something we are very proud of. To us, this means that we are doing our part to preserve our Irish culture here in St. Louis. The aim of Comhaltas is to preserve and promote the music, dance, song and language of Ireland. Anyone can join our group. Your membership helps us keep the Irish traditions alive and well, both in Ireland and all over the world. An annual membership fee of $30/year or $50 for a family goes directly to Comhaltas. Comhaltas uses the membership fees to build archives, stage competitions, put together shows that showcase the best of Irish dancing, music and song. They also invest in teacher training, performance certifications and the list goes on. As Comhaltas’ gift to you, you will receive four magazines from Ireland every year.For more information on Comhaltas, see If you are interested in joining our local St. Louis branch of Comhaltas, please contact Helen Gannon here in St. Louis. She can be reached at helen@slia.orgHOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE COMHALTAS? Comhaltas is pronounced like "Coal-tas" Ceoltoirí is pronounced like kyoltory - and means 'musicians' Éireann is the genitive case of the Irish word for 'Ireland' Eire, and is pronounced like "Erin" COMHALTAS PARTERS In 2007, our local St. Louis Irish Arts Branch of Comhaltas twinned with the Comhaltas Branch in Skibbereen, Co. Cork in the beautiful south of Ireland. When we go to visit Ireland, we perform concerts with our Skibbereen partners. When they come here, they perform with us. This has been a very successful venture for us. Every year, Seán Walsh comes to St. Louis from Skibbereen and heads the music camp that we offer in June. You can follow both of our branches on Facebook, if you are interested. and