In a nutshell:

Beginners come to class on Mondays.

Intermediate students come to class on Wednesdays.

Advanced students come to class on Tuesdays.

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Teaching Method

Our method of teaching music is the old traditional Irish way. The Irish traditional method of teaching music is very similar to the Suzuki method, which focuses on natural ways of learning. Insofar as you child learned to speak English flawlessly, so too can they learn the language of music, if it is taught to them in a way their brains can handle. Your child did not learn English by reading grammar. Your child learned by listening to you. Our method of teaching the language of music is inspired by the way your child learned to speak English. But we did not invent this style. It has been the way Irish music has been taught throughout the generations. If you would like to come watch us, please drop by. We'd love to show you. Children love to have fun, and we love to instill in them the desire to speak the language of music. Just as they did not learn to speak English by speaking it once a week at home, the same will apply to learning music. It must be practiced. If you, the parent will encourage your child to practice what they learned with us, your child will flourish with us.