Summer Camp Starting June 4

The dates for Summer Camp will be June 4 - 28h.  You can download the brochure here

Students may be registered for all classes / for one week at a time / a week at the beginning and another one in the's up to you.  We recommend 4 weeks, so they can REALLY get a good solid foundation and can spend lots of quality time learning. Summer camp is a time when we really focus hard on developing skills.


Classes will take place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

The Summer Concert will follow on July 1 at the Sheldon Concert Hall


For Beginners: For students ages 4 - 10. Each student will learn music, dance, singing, the Irish language, some music theory in the form of Kindermusik - so  learning a little bit about beats and rhythm. All beginner students will play the tin whistle, which is included in the price. Dancing shoes not mandatory. They can be registered for one, two, three or four weeks.  Class from 9:30 - noon. $150 for one week, $250 for two weeks, $400 for four weeks. Extended care is also available until 4:30. 


Dance Camp - June 4 - 14 

Junior Session 10 - 2pm (ages 12 and under). Bring a sack lunch. No refrigeration available.   Senior Session 2 - 5. $150 per week / $250 for two weeks. $400 for both music and dance camp for 4 weeks. 


Music Camp

June 18 - 28th

Junior Session 10 - 2  Bring a sack lunch - no refrigeration available.  Senior Session 2 - 5 (12 AND OVER) 

$150 for one week, $250 for two weeks, $400 for all 4 weeks for both music and dance camps. 


Beginner - New Instrument Camp - 

Minimum Age - 7 - with a background in tin whistle. All 4 weeks recommended. $100 per week (Price includes instrument rental)  This is the perfect time to start a new instrument, as you will get classes every day. It is a great confidence builder. 

Event Date: 
Monday, June 4, 2018 (All day) to Thursday, June 28, 2018 (All day)