Summer Camp

 If you're not sure what your kids will be doing this Summer, why not have them join us? You can sign them up for one week or two weeks or all three weeks of our Summer camp. They will get to show you what they learned in a beautiful concert at the Sheldon Concert Hall. Children over 4 years old are welcome to join us. 

So what does a typical day at Summer camp look like?

For beginners, we typically keep them until around noon, but they can stay later too. Aftercare is available until 4:30 / 5.  They usually start off with a dance class for a half an hour, then singing for a half an hour. They get a half and hour of the Irish language, which is taught by playing games and interaction with each other. We realize that some of the children cannot yet read or write in English, so the language is taught through play. They learn to play the tin whistle for another half hour. But their favorite part of the day is usually Kindermusik. This is where they learn all the fundamentals of music, keeping a beat, staying in time, reading some basic note values etc. 


Summer Camp is (for the bigger kids) when they get to try their hands at a new instrument. Because our classes are meeting every day, they learn SO much. Daily practice truly reinforces what they are learning, and it's just a GREAT TIME to start. Week 1 will focus mainly on dancing, but with a music theory class. Weeks 2 and 3 will be all about the music. All the new tunes will be taught during week 2. Week 3 will be a rehearsal week for both music and dance. If you would like to dance AND play in the concert, you should really do all three weeks.  If you only play music, it is ideal if you do weeks 2 and 3. If you are not doing the concert, weeks 1 and 2 are ideal so you know the material for the fall



Registration for summer camp is NOW open. To reserve your place, please send the following information to SLIA, 7480 Whitehaven, St. Louis, MO 63123.

Email for questions. 


Registration Form Student's name:______________________ ___________________________________Age / D.O.B._________________ _____ Student T-Shirt Size (circle): Youth Adult XS S M L XL 2X

Parent/Guardian:_____________________________________________________Phone #______________________________ Emergency Contact Name & #:_______________________________________________________________________________

Allergies/Important Medical Information:________________________________________________________________________ (We do hand out some snacks like animal crackers. Some students may need to bring their own, to be safe

Address:____________________________________________________________________Zip Code:____________________

E-Mail address:______________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Note: Please include Workshop and Concert Ticket Fees (if attending). Please make Checks payable to St. Louis Irish Arts Inc. Send to: 7480 Whitehaven, St. Louis, MO 63123 For additional information call Helen Gannon at 314-842-3906 or E-Mail:


Beginner Class

June 5 - 23 (Mon-Fri) 9.30 am - 12:00 pm

This session is for beginners ages 4 - 10 years

Each student is given a music, dance, language, and singing lesson every day.

 All beginner students will start on the Tin Whistle.

Dancing shoes not mandatory.

Register for any one week session or all 3.

$150 for 1 week / $250 for 2 weeks $350 for 3 weeks Includes cost of Tin Whistle


Dance Camp: June 5 - 16(Mon-Fri)

Junior Session 10am - 2pm (under 12 on 1/1/17)

*Bring a sack lunch (no refrigeration available)

Senior Session 2pm - 5pm (12 and over) $150 for 1 week / $250 for 2 weeks $350 for both music and dance camp (3 weeks)


Music Camp: June 19 - 25 (Mon-Sun)

Junior Session 10am - 2pm (under 12 on 1/1/15)

*Bring a sack lunch (no refrigeration available)

Senior Session 2pm - 5pm (12 and over)

$150 for the week $350 for both Music and dance camp (3 weeks)


Beginning New Instrument Camp

June 5 - 23 (Mon-Fri) 9 am - 10 am

Minimum Age: 7

Must be experienced on Tin Whistle

All 3 weeks recommended for this class $100 per week / price includes instrument rental $300 for all 3 weeks

This is the perfect time to start a new instrument!

Limited number of instruments available for rental: harp, concertina, banjo, and piano accordion.

Fiddle, saxophone, and flute classes available, but students are responsible for finding their own instrument.


Extended Day Care

Available for Beginner Class / Junior Sessions Until 4:30 p.m. (Mon-Fri)

$300 for all 3 weeks We will read Irish books, watch Irish movies, learn Irish language, and play Irish games.

Bring a sack lunch (no refrigeration available).


Concert Tickets

We finish summer camp with a lovely concert at the Sheldon Concert Hall on Sunday, June 25, 2017 1 pm

$15 per person

Reserve your tickets now with camp registration, if you like.

Reservations also via Metrotix: 534-1111


Registration for Fall 2017-18 Classes Monday, September 18 6:30 pm - 8 pm At SLIA in the Music Room



□ Beginner Class—1 week $150

□ Beginner Class—2 weeks $250

□ Beginner Class—3 weeks $350

□ Dance Camp Only—1 week $150

□ Dance Camp Only—2 weeks $250

□ Music Camp Only—1 week $150

□ Dance and Music Camp—3 weeks $350

□ Beg. New Instrument—1 week $100

□ Beg. New Instrument—2 weeks $200

□ Beg. New Instrument—3 weeks $300

□ Extended Day Care—3 weeks $300

□ Sheldon Concert Tickets: ___ x $15 =____