Midwest Fleadh

The official fleadh website is www.midwestfleadh.org

You can register for the Fleadh at fleadhworx.com. The syllabus is there too. 

First and second place winners that are recommended to do so may compete in the Fleadh in Ireland in August. 


x Grúpa Ceoil and Ceili Band require months of preparation. If you are
interested, please consider joining a CIM ensemble that will work toward
that goal.
x If you are in multiple solo competitions, plan on some overlap between your
scheduled competition times. This is normal and adjudicators are happy to
accommodate as long as you talk to them first thing on Saturday morning. In
our experience so far, the fleadh scheduling is not rigid.
Grade A Under 12 on Jan 1, 2016
Grade B 12, 13 or 14 on Jan 1, 2016
Grade C 15, 16 or 17 on Jan 1, 2016
Grade D 18 or older on Jan 1, 2016
++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Grade E Any Age
Grade F Under 18 on Jan 1, 2016
x For Duos, Trios, Grúpa Ceoil and Ceili Band, you can compete in your age
category and a higher category if you use a different instrument in each
category. For example, an 14-year-old musician could compete in the under-
18 ceili band on flute and play piano in the under-15 ceili band competition.

Competition Rules

(Abridged) See full rules at www.midwestfleadh.org

1 All Fleadhanna are subject to the Rules for Fleadhanna Ceoil, as

published by the Ardchomhairle of Comhaltas. 2 Only Irish Traditional Music will be accepted. 3 Competitors shall play each tune twice only. In the case of a tune

which is played singly, a competitor may play such a tune three times (AB AB AB). Slow airs may be played once 4 Entry Forms and fees must reach “FleadhWorx” by April 22,

2017. FleadhWorx is the registrar for the fleadh. ALL ENTRIES MUST be submitted through FleadhWorx.com. Entries may not be submitted under teacher’s name. Entries without fees will not be accepted. Entries MUST BE RECEIVED BY FLEADHWORX NO LATER THAN April 25, 2017. NO entries will be accepted on site. Entries received after April 22 will be subject to a $50 late fee and those names will not be listed in the program. 5 Competitors in Solo, Duet and Trio competitions at a Regional

Fleadh must be resident in that Region for at least the previous 6 months. 6 All enquiries must be directed to the Fleadh Secretary (Rúnaí na

Fléidhe). 7 Ages shall be reckoned as at January 1st in the year of the Fleadh. 8 If requested by the fleadh secretary (Rúnaí), a competitor must

produce a Certificate of Age within 7 days. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 9 No communication with the Adjudicator is permissible before or

during competitions, except through the Stewards. 10 The Adjudicator shall be the sole judge of merit, and in all other matters, the decision of the Fleadh Committee shall be final. 11 No ties for First, Second or Third places. 12 A satisfactory standard is necessary for the awarding of First or

any prize. 13 Winners of First and Second prizes shall qualify for the Fleadh

Cheoil na hÉireann (All-Ireland) together with a maximum of one other competitor in each competition, if the adjudicator is satisfied the competitors have reached a sufficiently high standard. 14 A copy of the adjudication sheet, in respect of his / her own entry,

will be made available to a competitor by email or for $2.00 paid to registration with a SASE. 15 Competitors not present when called may be disqualified if they

have not notified the call steward or the fleadh office of a conflict with another competition. 16 In Solos, Duets and Trios, full names and addresses and

Comhaltas Branches where appropriate, of all participants, must be listed on the Entry Forms. Having qualified, no substitution allowed. A separate Entry Form must be completed by each competitor. 17 In all Solo competitions, a competitor must compete in own age

group only. In competitions for Miscellaneous (Rogha Ghléas), a competitor may compete on one instrument only. In Duets, Trios, Céilí Bands and Grúpaí Ceoil competitions, a competitor may compete only once in any age-group of the aforementioned competitions. A competitor may also compete in a higher age- group, provided they change instrument. Duets & Trios must compete in the age group of the oldest competitor in the group. 18 In Duet and Trio competitions, all members must at all times play

the melody of the tune. 19 In Over 18 Duets: two different melody instruments and only two

must be played. In Over 18 Trios, at least two different melody instruments must be played. 20 Electronic or amplified instruments are not acceptable in any

competition except electronic piano in céilí band competitions.

21 In competitions for Grúpaí Ceoil, whistlers and lilters may be

included, as well as players of bodhrán and bones, but piano and drums are not permitted. Efforts should be made to play tunes other than jigs, reels and hornpipes, e.g. slow airs, set dances, old marches, harp music, polkas, barn-dances, planxties, etc. Attention should also be given to instrumental arrangements and presentation of the music. A list of music pieces in the order to be played, e.g. slip jig, march, etc. and a list of instruments, shall be submitted by each group leader to the competition clerk prior to the performance. See time limit Penalties in Rule 15 R.F.C. 22 Prompting or coaching of competitors in any competition is

strictly forbidden. 23 Changing of instruments while competing in any competition

except Grúpaí Ceoil, is strictly forbidden 24 Audio recording of any kind is not permitted without prior

approval of the fleadh chairperson. Such permission, when granted, is valid for one competitor in one competition. A signed release must be obtained in advance from any competitor being recorded. Video recording is not permitted. 25 Practice sessions are not allowed in or near competition venues.

Entry or exit from a competition is not allowed during a competition. Spectators are required to be silent during competitions. Note 1: Comp 3 Feadóg Mhór/Flute: Instruments pitched in D or E

flat, to include traditional simple system wooden flutes, Boehm system, Radcliffe system, etc. Flutes pitched higher than E flat must compete in the Rogha Ghléas (misc. instruments) competition Note 2: Comp 4 Feadóg/Whistle: A whistle can be defined as an

instrument with a fipple and not more than six finger holes. The pitch of the instrument or the material from which it is made is irrelevant. Note 3: Comp 9 Mouth Organ: Mouth organs/harmonicas. There is

a distinct difference between mouth organs and harmonicas. A harmonica, even if played as a mouth organ, is not acceptable. The harmonica can be played in the Rogha Ghléas (misc. instruments) competition. Note 4: Comp 13 Mileioiden/Melodeon: The single row accordion is not a melodeon and is not acceptable in the melodeon competition. Note 5: Comp 14 Rogha Ghléas/Miscellaneous: This category caters

for all instruments on which the melody can be and is played, not catered for in competitions 1-13. Electronic or electrically powered instruments are not accepted. A competitor may compete on one instrument only. In all miscellaneous competitions, the instrument, and tuning, if relevant, shall be listed on the official fleadh entry form. This competitor/instrument combination must be maintained at all subsequent Fleadhanna in that year. Fleadh Programme listings for Miscellaneous Competitions shall include the competitor’s name and instrument. Note 6: Comp 15 Tionlacan/Accompaniment:

Tionlacan/accompaniment is restricted to piano, harp, guitar, bazouki, and bazouki and guitar like instruments, e.g. mandola, mando-cello, etc. Competitors play accompaniment as opposed to melody. The aim of this competition is to adjudicate accompaniment only.

2017 Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann ENNIS – August 13th – 20th Scoil Eigse – August 13th – 18th

2017 SLIA Summer Camp St. Louis Irish Arts June 5th to June 25th

“Comhaltas” “University of Missouri-St. Louis” St. Louis Irish Arts

2017 Midwest Fleadh Cheoil SCHEDULE

See program for actual venues and any changes

Friday, May 12

3:00 PM Competitor Check-in 6:00 PM Duets & Trios competitions

Saturday, May 13

7:00 AM Competitor Check-in 9:00 AM Solo Competitions

See program for times & locations 6:00 PM Band Competitions –

Ceili, Grúpaí Ceoil, Marching Bands & Dance -$10 per person at the door

Sunday, May 14

9:00 AM Mass 10:00 AM SCT Examinations

St. Louis Irish Arts Comhaltas Branch Welcomes you to the 2017 North American Midwest Regional Fleadh Cheoil

HOTEL INFORMATION Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark 1 S. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102 314-421-1776 or 877-845-7354 www.hiltonstlouis.com

Group Name: Irish Arts – Fleadha Group code: IAF Group cutoff date: April 11, 2017 Hotel Room Rate - $115.00


St. Louis Irish Arts Presents the North American Midwest Regional 2017 Fleadh Cheoil

May 12-14, 2017 Friday, May 12: Duets & Trios Saturday, May 13: Solos & Bands Sunday, May 14: Dance

Friday, May 12, 2017 Duet & Trio Competitions 6 PM

Saturday, May 13, 2017 Competitions begin at 9 AM

Sunday, May 14, 2017 Mass 9 AM Ceili & Dance Competitions 10 AM

Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark 1 South Broadway St. Louis, MO 63102

Registration: www.fleadhworx.com

For more information www.midwestfleadh.org Cathy Thompson - Cthom3715@aol.com 314.605.7816 or Helen Gannon - helen@slia.org 314.842.3906