March Performances
March 13th St Mary Magdalen up the street in Maplewood at 7pm. We will go from Class. Bring Costumes to Class that day and we can provide rides to and from school
March 14th. Our Annual Performance at Tesson heights 7pm
March 15th St Louis Club in Clayton
March 16th St. Patrick’s Day Parade more news to come next week
All parents who wish to March behind St Louis Irish Arts Float Must wear our Green Jackets. Please email Rose Smulcsenski to order and pick up at school  phone # 314-961-6659
Do not allow your students to eat in their costumes.  
For all performances except the parade:
Girls wearing solo dresses must wear 2 pair of black tights under their dresses and an appropriate color kick pants.  Most solo dresses come with matching kick pants.  If you do not have the correct color, you may wear black kick pants.  Matching headband or black headband in hair.
Girls wearing black velvet dresses must wear 2 pair of black tights and black kick pants.  Black headband in hair.
Girls wearing green dresses or jumpers must wear white poodle socks with their red kick pants.  Red headband or bow in hair.
Boys must wear black pants, black long socks, red tie, and white or black long sleeved dress shirt depending on age.  
For the parade:
We do not march in our dance shoes.  If your student is wearing black tights or pants, they must wear plain black tennis shoes - no markings.  If your student  is wearing white poodle socks, they must wear plain white tennis shoes - no markings.
All girls must wear their class dress to participate in the parade - no solo dresses.
No coats or jackets may be worn over the class dresses.  White turtle necks and long sleeved white shirts may be worn under the green dresses and jumpers.  Flesh toned or white tights may be worn under the girl's poodle socks for added warmth.  NO RED or GREEN Tights will be accepted.  Your student will be asked to remove them before participating.
Layers may also be worn under the black velvet dresses as long as they are not seen. 
Girls in green jumpers are asked to wear their red bows. Girls in green dresses should wear their red headbands. Girls in black dresses should wear black headbands. 
The weather is supposed to be questionable for the parade.  Please pick up clear rain ponchos for your student to wear over their dress.  These can be picked up at several of the dollar stores, Target, Walmart, and even some grocery stores.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  
Contact Rose to order your SLIA windbreaker.  Her correct email is in the attached newsletter.  Remember all parents planning to march in the parade must wear a green SLIA Wind breaker.
Those marching in the parade must stay behind the truck unless they are guarding a tire.  If you wish to take pictures, you may run along the side, take your pictures, and then return to the back of the truck.  This if for everyone's safety.


April 26 - 28  MIDWEST FLEADH CHEOIL in Chicago

June 3 - 28  SUMMER CAMP!  Details coming soon