After the Fleadh

We are very grateful to all our volunteers and helpers that made this Fleadh a big success. Thank you to everyone that came from far and near to participate. We hope you all had an enjoyable weekend with us at the Hilton Ballpark hotel. 

We will host the Fleadh again next year, and we are very much looking forward to it.


Now what?

The people that earned First or Second Place in their competitions are eligible to move on to the Fleadh in Ennis. You don't need to do anything, except show up and compete. There is no extra registration or anything. Your name will be called and you will automatically be on the list in Ennis. 

We are currently finishing up the official results and will be sending those to Dublin. After we have finished, each competitor will receive an email from us with their adjudicator remarks included.


Official Fleadh photos will be available for purchase very soon. The photographer is Her name is Kimberly Rose. Her phone number is 1 636.236.9087


You will hear from Eileen regarding the SCT Exams.